Dr. David Farley

Hello world.

If you’ve found your way here I guess i’m doing something right! My name is David Farley. I’m a recently graduated Chiropractor practicing in Fort Worth, Texas. This blog will serve as an outlet for me to chronicle some of the things that I learn and experience as I continually practice and learn as much as I can.

But for now, I figured a proper introduction was in order. My name’s David. I was raised in a small town southwest of Austin, Texas called Dripping Springs. Chances are if you’ve heard of it at all, chances are it has something to do with our award winning vodka, or hot wedding locations. But I was there before it was cool..

To go back to my roots, I was born with something called Club Foot. Basically in my situation, I did not have enough room in the womb to grow and develop properly, so at birth my left foot and ankle were twisted. First surgery around 6 months old, and I ended up learning to walk in a cast. Growing up this club foot of mine made it difficult to participate in all the things that I loved to do, but I always made it work. Fast forward 25 years and a couple of surgical procedures and it still plays a role in my life.

Growing up in a small town I had to keep myself busy. So naturally I took to sports as soon as I could coordinate the movements. I grew up playing baseball, soccer, and basketball as they each came in season. And I was always pretty good at them, compared to the other kids my level. As I grew, I decided to focus on High School Football, and working out with the Powerlifting squad; though my ankle mechanics wouldn’t let me compete in it.

There was that one year of JV Golf too.. but that one is hardly worth mentioning..

I got my undergrad education in part from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX (eat em’ up!). The other part was done at Parker University in Dallas, Texas where I also graduated with my Doctorate of Chiropractic, and double bachelors in Anatomy, and Health&Wellness.

Grad Headshot

I’m now living in Fort Worth, Texas. I have been blessed to call this place home, and can slowly feel myself turning into a Frog fan. But I’m happy to be here! And I’m looking forward to updating this with information, tips, life posts, and whatever else comes my way.

Stay tuned everybody!

-Dr. Farley

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