Why I Chose Chiropractic

One of the most common questions I’ve gotten from patients since I graduated is “What made you choose this profession?”

Growing up, I have always wanted to help people. It started as wanting to be a cop when I was younger. But when I hit middle school, I was actually thinking about being a Physical Therapist. Growing up with my clubfoot complications, I had been to plenty of PT in my life. And although I didn’t get the results I might hope for, I could tell their heart was always in the right place. And they really loved their jobs. I still have a great respect for Physical Therapists. But the shift in my focus, came in Football’s off-season between junior and senior year of high school.

We were running the 40 yard dash, after doing heavy 1-Rep Max’s in the weight room. And on my second attempt at the 40, I felt a strong, sharp pull and instant loss of strength about 20 yards into my dash. Walking away I could tell something wasn’t right, so I went immediately to the school’s athletic trainer.

He judged I had probably pulled a muscle in my groin. And suggested rest, ice, and some E-Stim. So resting it is what I did. But the longer I rested, the worse the injury got. When I finally decided to seek medical attention, I was dismayed to find out that it was not a pulled muscle at all, but instead a hernia.


For those of you who don’t know, a hernia occurs when part of an organ or tissue pokes a hole in, and protrudes through another tissue. If anything, waiting around and maintaining a level of activity that I should not have, made my problem worse. And by the time I got that second opinion, the only option available to me was surgery. Having already had some previous experiences with surgeries that were… less than ideal, I wasn’t looking forward to this route. Additionally, my doctor told me that it would likely prevent me from playing any football my senior year. (This is essentially a sin in Texas, for those of you not from here.) So I was desperate for other options.

The Saving Grace

As a last ditch effort, my Aunt reached out to me, suggesting I try a sports chiropractor. I had never been to one. Didn’t have anything against the profession, but this was not neck or back pain. I wondered what in the world a Chiro could possibly do for my issue. But with the alternative being going under, I gave it a shot.

The doctor had an amazing mind for anatomy. He explained my issue clearly, and told me how he thought he could help. The soft tissue therapies were not easy to experience. To this day it is still one of the more painful experiences of my life. But I felt immediate relief following only the first treatment.

Each time I had an appointment I could feel myself getting better. Noticeable progress every session helped me to endure the intensity of those sessions. And by the time it was said and done, I was at 100%. Overall I missed only one game of my Senior Year. And the results have lasted to this day. I still lift and exercise and experience life with no pain or limitation related to that issue. No surgery required.

That was when I shifted my focus. I wanted to help people avoid surgery, instead of helping them get better afterwards. And it also opened my eyes to how Chiropractic could be much more than just neck and back pain. I started down my path and now I’m here! loving every day in this field.

If you’re in the Fort Worth, Texas area I would love to show you how Chiropractors can be much more than just back popping! Come visit me sometime at:

MOVE | Pain Relief & Sports Therapy

4936 Byers Ave. Fort Worth, Texas 76107

(817) 737-3922 ————– www.movement.expert

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